Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is amongst India‚Äôs fastest growing residential and institutional lighting company. The success of Halonix has been built on the back of its unparalleled ability to develop, test and deploy lighting solutions relevant and suitable for Indian conditions. Our electronic circuits have been developed keeping in view the power quality and usage pattern in India. Halonix brand name has been established in the market over 25 years ago and due to  its focus on innovation, quality control and value for money  we are today one of the the top 5 lighting brands in energy efficient lighting in India.

Halonix is a progressive, environment friendly lighting company which is at the forefront of emerging technologies such as LED & Solar. As a brand that stands for ‘The Right Light’, Halonix continues to push the boundaries to develop better solutions and adapted to Indian conditions across the spectrum of home and institutional lighting. With its Pan-India distribution, sales and service capabilities, it is delivering these efficient, energy saving and environment friendly services to all corners of India. Moreover, using its expertise with these emerging technologies it has transformed the lighting at some of the largest airports, railway stations, roads and highways, retail stores, offices and factories as a turnkey solution.

Halonix is pushing the credo of “Make In India” through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities based out of Haridwar and testing facility and moreover,  we have a  dedicated R&D team with fully equipped laboratory that tests and validate our product life and their safe operation. Halonix is one of the few companies in India which has a fully accredited NABL laboratory within the manufacturing premises in which we tests and develops products tailor-made for India. Our highly successful dedicated team every-time has keen focus on research & innovate new products developing, trading and implementation of lighting systems.

Halonix TVC

Halonix Technologies

is amongst India’s fastest growing residential and institutional lighting company.

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