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Halonix Prime Lights

Redefine your spaces with Halonix’s value-added products that harness the power of technology to create unique solutions for your needs.

Inverter LED Light

Power gone but Halonix still on

Halonix LED Inverter range comes with a lithium battery which gives you continuous lighting backup upto 4 hours and automatically lights up when there is a power outage.

All Rounder LED Light

With Halonix All Rounder adjustable LED light bulb, enjoy the convenience of three different wattages in one bulb. Switch between Bright, Right and Night light mode as per your convenience.

Prizm App-Based LED Lights

Choose from millions of colours & make your everyday colourful

The Halonix Prizm range is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. All you need is a single command to change the colours and control the lighting effects.

Speaker Bulb

Lights & Music with Halonix

Connect our Bluetooth enabled speaker bulb with your mobile and play the music of your choice.

Radar Motion Sensor

Halonix Radar Motion Sensor 10W LED Bulb with Auto On/Off feature works smartly with a motion sensor. It automatically turns on when it detects motion within 15 ft radius and turns off after one minute when no motion is detected. Making it ideal energy-efficient and convenient solution for bathroom, staircase, balcony or store room.

Inverter Turbo

The Halonix Turbo Charge 12W Inverter LED Bulb comes with a rechargeable battery which can be turbo charged in 4 hours on night lamp mode and provides upto 4 hours of continuous lighting backup during power cuts.
It can be used as a 12W bulb or also as a night lamp.

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