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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy delineates the stringent commitments and policies adopted by Halonix Technologies Private Limited (hereafter referred to as “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “Halonix”) regarding the safeguarding of privacy and confidentiality of data. It explicates the modalities through which the Company processes, collects, utilizes, shares, and manages the Personal Data of individuals (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “the user”) acquired through your engagement with our array of products, services, and associated web applications (henceforth collectively referred to as the “Products”).

This Privacy Policy pertains to individuals engaging in transactions with Halonix via any of its sales channels. Additionally, it extends to individuals visiting Halonix offices or sales channels. By utilizing the services or making purchases from Halonix, the individual expressly consents to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

This privacy statement expressly excludes application to the websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps operated by third parties other than ourselves, regardless of any linkage to the halonix.co.in website. We strongly advise that you meticulously examine the privacy policies of such third parties with whom you engage.


This Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Data processed by Halonix through your use of our varied Products which include, but are not limited to, any applications and websites operated by Halonix Technologies Private Limited or its third-party affiliates.

Definition of Personal Data

Within the context of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” pertains to any information that is capable of identifying an individual, either independently or when amalgamated with other accessible or acquired data. This may include, but is not limited to, utilization of third-party web analytic instruments. The term “Smart Devices” encompasses non-standard computing apparatus engineered or produced by hardware fabricators, characterized by human-machine interfaces and the capacity for data transmission over wireless or wired networks, and may include smart home appliances, wearable technology, smart air purification systems, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, etc. “Apps” signify mobile applications conceptualized by or on behalf of Halonix, enabling users to remotely interface with Smart Devices and interface with the Halonix Platform. “Website” pertains specifically to https://www.halonix.co.in/.

Collection of Personal Data

  1. Voluntary Submission:
  1. Account or Profile Information: Registration on our platform entails the collection of identifiable data such as name, contact specifics (email address, telephone number, PAN no), username, and credentials. Subsequent interactions might necessitate the aggregation of additional details like nickname, profile image, nation code, preferred language, or time zone.
  1. Feedback Provision: Utilizing our feedback mechanisms mandates the accrual of your email address, mobile number, and the content of your feedback to facilitate timely resolution of issues and device malfunctions.
  1. Automated Acquisition:
  1. Device Specifications: Interactions with our Product yield automatic data collection encompassing device identifiers like MAC addresses, IP addresses, connection data, operating system specifics, application versions, notification IDs, diagnostic logs, and network information.
  2. Usage Metrics: Engagement with our digital assets naturally results in the assimilation of data concerning site visits, clicks, downloads, message exchanges, and other related activities.
  3. Log Data: Usage of our App or Website incurs system and anomaly log collection.
  4. Geolocation Data: Certain Products or Services may necessitate acquiring precise or imprecise location data to enable functionalities like astronomical lighting adjustments based on local celestial events.
  5. Cookie Management and Communication Preferences: Users retain the option to disable cookies, which may impact service functionality. Additionally, our communication protocols permit opt-out provisions, ensuring autonomy in information receipt.
  1. Smart Device Interactions:
  1. Essential Device Data: Connecting Smart Devices with our services initiates the retrieval of basic information like device designation, identifiers, status, activation timelines, and firmware specifics.
  1. Device-Sourced Data: The nature of information collected may vary depending on the device connected, encapsulating diverse metrics and statuses.
  1. Data Processing Objectives and Legal Framework
  1. Service Provision: We process various identified data categories to fulfill our contractual obligations, facilitating the delivery of requested or purchased Products and Services.
  2. Service Enhancement: Analysing device data, usage metrics, and Smart Device interactions underpins our efforts to augment Product functionality, service quality, safety assurances, and innovation pursuits.
  3. Non-Marketing Communications: Essential service-related updates, terms modifications, and policy changes are communicated as necessary, with opt-out restrictions due to their significance.
  4. Marketing Engagements: With your consent, we may disseminate promotional content or invitations to partake in company events or surveys, offering opt-out capabilities for such communications.
  5. Personalization Initiatives: Data-driven customization aims to enhance user experience, providing relevant service adaptations, product suggestions, and engagement opportunities, contingent on user consent.
  6. Legal Adherence: We commit to lawful Personal Data processing, aligning with legislative directives, judicial mandates, authority requests, terms enforcement, operational integrity, rights and property protection, remedial actions, and damage mitigation.
  7. International Users: Users engaging from abroad must self-assess compliance with local regulations, assuming responsibility for any legal adherence.
  1. Data Sharing Practices
  1. Our sharing of Personal Data is circumscribed, transparent, and in accordance with communicated practices, extending to service providers, business affiliates, device suppliers, network facilitators, potential transactional partners, legal and regulatory bodies, and within our corporate conglomerate, subject to user consent where applicable.
  2. Restrictions on Information Sharing: Users of this website are hereby advised that while engaging in the sharing of content, reviews, comments, communications, suggestions, ideas, or any other details, they must ensure that such content complies with legal standards. It must not be illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing upon the intellectual property rights of others, injurious to third parties, or otherwise objectionable. Additionally, content must not contain software viruses, engage in political campaigning, solicit commercial activities, distribute chain letters, conduct mass mailings, or participate in any form of spam.
  3. Furthermore, Users are strictly prohibited from uploading explicit content that is not suitable for public consumption and may be harmful to the minds of children.
  1. Data Utilization


  1. The information we garner is strategically employed to personalize user interactions, elevate service standards, optimize customer assistance, process transactions, manage engagements, and sustain communication channels.


  1. As the proprietors of this Website, we assert sole ownership over all information gathered herein. We exclusively procure information that you willingly furnish to us via email or other direct modes of communication. Under no circumstances shall we engage in the sale or lease of said information to any entity.


  1. The information You provide will be utilized solely for the purpose of addressing your inquiries or concerns. We commit to maintaining the confidentiality of your information and shall not disclose it to any external party, save for instances mandated by governmental, statutory, or regulatory bodies pursuant to applicable laws.


  1. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, we reserve the right to communicate with you via email for the purpose of informing you about forthcoming promotional offerings, new services, or modifications to this privacy policy.
  1. Email/Contact Policy
  1. User consent predicates our communication engagements, ensuring that we respect your preferences and only deliver content that is relevant and desired. Our commitment to non-intrusive communication is underscored by our adherence to authorized contact lists, eschewing the dispatch of unsolicited commercial messages.
  1. User Rights and Data Management
  1. We acknowledge and empower your rights concerning your Personal Data, providing mechanisms for you to exercise control, including, but not limited to, access requests, correction petitions, erasure appeals, processing limitations, data portability, and objections to particular uses of your information, especially in contexts predicated on consent or legitimate organizational interests.
  1. Data Security Assurance
  1. In our steadfast commitment to safeguarding your Personal Data, we employ comprehensive security measures encompassing physical, administrative, and technological safeguards, meticulously designed to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. Our multi-faceted security strategy incorporates cutting-edge encryption, access control protocols, and vigilant monitoring to ensure the resilience and confidentiality of your data.
  1. Halonix Connect (“Atoot Saathi”)


This section of the document serves as the privacy policy for the Atoot Saathi mobile application, which utilizes the LetsVeriFy SDK. Users are advised to review the privacy policy of the LetsVeriFy platform, accessible at https://letsverify.tech/privacy-policy/. All interactions with the LetsVeriFy SDK occur exclusively through the HTTPS protocol via the link https://sdk.letsverify.in.

  1. Information Collection: Information is gathered from users upon completion of forms within the Android, iOS App, and Web plugin, following login with their mobile numbers. During form completion, users may be prompted to provide an email address and/or PAN no. Additionally, with user consent, GPS-based location data may be collected, alongside requests for access to device features such as contacts, camera, and storage, necessary for pertinent application functions. Furthermore, a unique device identifier is obtained.
  1. Utilization of Information: Collected data may be employed for the following purposes:
  1. Location-based identifiers aid in the identification of counterfeit product sales and contribute to business intelligence.
  2. Device unique identifiers are associated with user accounts and utilized for counterfeit product detection.
  • Personalization of user experience, enhancing responsiveness to individual needs.
  1. Account Deletion Procedure: To delete a Halonix Connect Application Account, users are required to submit a deletion request, along with their login phone number or email address, to customercare@halonix.co.in
  1. Information Security Measures
  1. Stringent security measures are implemented to safeguard personal information. LetsVeriFy’s cloud servers and data storage are managed through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The following measures are in place:
  1. Access controls, encryption, and logging features are employed to regulate server and data storage access.
  2. Data storage regions can be selected through AWS, with replication and backup options available across multiple regions.
  • Industry-leading encryption features ensure data protection in transit and at rest, with flexible key management options utilizing AWS Key Management Service (KMS).
  1. Customer content is disclosed only when mandated by law or governmental order, with prior notice provided to customers unless legally prohibited.

For further information, please refer to https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-privacy-faq/.

  1. Online Privacy Policy Scope: This online privacy policy pertains solely to information collected through the Android, iOS App, and Web Plugin, excluding offline data collection.
  1. Data Retention Policy
  1. Our data retention practices are judiciously formulated to retain Personal Data only for durations necessitated by the pertinent purposes outlined in this policy or as mandated by law, ensuring the deletion or anonymization of data post the requisite retention period or upon losing its necessity or relevance.
  1. Privacy Policy Updates
  1. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy periodically to reflect changes in our information handling practices or align with regulatory updates, committing to inform you of any significant alterations through your provided contact details or conspicuous publication on our platforms, thereby encouraging regular review to stay informed of our privacy practices.
  1. Contacting Us
  1. For inquiries, clarifications, or concerns regarding our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us via the designated channels:

Halonix Technologies Private Limited

Postal Mailing Address:

B – 31, Phase – II, Noida,

Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar,

Uttar Pradesh, India – 201 305

Email: dpo@halonix.co.in

Your engagement and trust in Halonix are paramount, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of privacy and data protection. We thank you for choosing Halonix Technologies Private Limited and look forward to serving you with integrity and transparency.