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All Rounder Bulb

3 wattages in one bulb: Bright, Right, Night – Use as per your need and mood.

Most rooms have few light points but our lighting needs vary by our task or mood. The Halonix All Rounder Bulb is a revolutionary new product that has 3 wattages in one bulb. It comes with an adjustable brightness option in three different wattages – 15 W/8W/0.5 W. Switch between Bright, Right, and Night light mode as per your need by switching off/on the bulb.

  • Adjustable light:
    Adjust the brightness of your light that suits your mood, space, and need. Switch on 15W cool white for studying and reading; 8W natural white for relaxing, watching TV & dining and 0.5W warm white for sleeping at night.
  • Convenient Switching:
    Switch ON the button once for 15W, switch OFF and switch ON for 8W, repeat the same for 0.5W. All Rounder adjustable LED light bulb gives you the convenience of three light settings in one.
  • Power Saving:
    Now you can use the bulb as per required wattage and hence save power instead of using a more powerful single wattage bulb even when you need lesser light. Go ahead & save power.

Product Video

All Rounder Bulb