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All Rounder Bulb 9W

Right. Night – Adjust it to your Needs

Most rooms have few light points but our lighting needs vary by our task or mood. The Halonix All Rounder Bulb is a revolutionary new product that has 2 wattages in one bulb. It comes with an adjustable brightness option in two different wattages – 9W/0.5 W. Switch between Right, and Night light mode as per your need by switching off/on the bulb.

  • Adjustable light:
    Adjust the brightness of your light that suits your mood, space, and need. Switch on 9W cool white for watching TV/relaxing/dining and 0.5W warm white for sleeping at night.
  • Convenient Switching:
    Switch it on once for 9W, switch off and on again for 0.5W
  • Power Saving:
    Now you can use the bulb as per required wattage and hence save power instead of using a more powerful single wattage bulb even when you need lesser light. Go ahead & save power.

Product Video

All Rounder Bulb