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Halonix Consta Inverter Bulb 10W

Uninterrupted 1-hour power backup!

Do frequent but short power cuts bother you? Bring home Halonix 10 W Consta Inverter Bulb and leave those dark worries of unpleasant power cuts behind you. Powered by a lithium–ion battery with a 500 charging cycle, it provides constant light backup for up to 1 hour.


How do the bulb know that its a switch off and not electricity failure?

The bulb is smart enough to know if the power interruption is because someone has put the switch off or there is power failure. It lights up in inverter mode only if there is a power failure and the switch is on. If you are a little technically oriented – on power interruption the bulb senses impedance across its terminal, if low impedance then power failure if high impedance/ open circuit then switch is off. Bulb will light up in inverter mode only if the switch is on and there is power failure.